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Mirror Chamber M2

Technical Description:

Beam switch into an existing beam line.
Installation Site: Bessy II


Technical Data:

Frame:     Sand-filled, powder-coated welded structure made of structural steel
Vertical cross table:   Travel across the incoming beam
±15mm (motorized)
Travel along the incoming beam
±15mm (manual)
Lifting table:   Travel ±5mm (motorized)
UHV vacuum chamber with built–in mirror bank:   UHV vacuum chamber with stationary baking facility.
Mirror bank with cardanic mirror suspension.
Motorized mirror adjustment with angular encoder for pitch movement
(Rp=±1mrad; dRp=0.005mrad)
Motorized mirror adjustment with angular encoder for roll movement
(Rr=±7mrad; dRr=0.1mrad)
Motorized mirror adjustment with angular encoder for yaw movement
(Ry=±5mrad; dRy=0.25mrad)
The mirror is indirectly water-cooled.
Optical surface of the mirror: 20x100 mm
A lifting unit lowers the mirror bank, if necessary.
Thus the beam passes the mirror chamber without being influenced


Customer & Period:

   Humboldt University Berlin (HUB)
Period of Implementation:
  September 2003 to March 2004
September 9, 2022
Mirror Systems
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