Slit System for apertures V1_2003

Technical Description:

Each system consists of two or four slit heads and manipulators.

The slit system is based on a uniform and modular concept with

  • stroke unit optionally driven by stepping motor with or without synchronous belt gear
  • cooled or uncooledslit jaws made of OFHC-Copper, Glidcop® or Tungsten

 The linear drive system is mounted on a base flange CF100. The system can be equipped with end switches, reference points or linear encoders. The linear feedthrough to the vacuum is realised by a welded bellow. The vacuum side interface for the elements to be moved is a flange CF54.
Depending on the heat load and the slit precision various slit heads can be connected to that interface flange on the vacuum side. A standard slit head consists of e.g. an inclined copper or Glidcop® plate with water cooling on the backside. In case of a high thermal load a tungsten cutting edge is inserted into the copper plate. For temperature control of the slit head a thermocouple can be fitted as an option.


Technical Data:

Dimensions of manipulator slit system:
- Width (with synchronous belt drive)
- Height
228 mm
310 mm outside basic flange
Base flange:   DN 100 CF
Interface flange:   DN 54 CF
Stroke:   ± 12.5 mm
Resolution:   0.001 mm
Repeatability:   0.002 mm
Repeat accuracy of reference point switch:   ± 0,002 mm
Leakage rate:   < 1 x 10-10 mbar l s-1


Datasheet Slit_System_for_Apertures_V1

September 9, 2022
Slit Systems
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