SUL Beamline

Technical Description:

Beam pipe for X–radiation
Absorption, fluorescence, diffraction, SAXS experiments


Technical Data:

Radiation source:    Wiggler, Undulator
Energy range:   1.4 ... 21 keV
Photon flux on sample:   cmax. approx. 1019 Ph / s mm2
Resolution on sample:   > 3300
Beam power:   approx. 2 kW (before mirror 1)
Monochromator:   bicrystal monochromator (KOHZU)
Spiegel:   2 focussing mirrors with bending systems (IRELEC)
Kirkpatrick–Baez–Mirror (IRELEC)
Beam diagnostics:   Beam position monitors,
Intensity monitor,
Fluorescence monitors,
Polarization monitor,
Beam profile monitors


Customer & Period:

Customer:    Karlsruhe Angstrom Source (ANKA),
Synchrotron–Umweltlabor (SUL)
Period of Implementation:
  January 2001 to December 2002
September 7, 2022
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