BPM ID Komplett | Motorised H-, V- Stage 10 / 10 Column , LCAD and Cables

Technische Beschreibung:

The well-known Beam Position Monitor (BPM)- inserts, described in our datasheets, are preferably to be installed into a complete BPM -unit.
Complete BPM-unit consist of:

  • the BPM-chamber
  • the motorised H- V – Stage and
  • the under frame (column).

The motorised H-V-Stage was developed by FMB.
The unit is able, to adjust the complete pre-set BPM into its accurate measurement position within the beam l ine. Especially the high precision and compactness of the X-Z-stage are remarkable. If required an additional encoder (Manufac turer: AMO, Austria) can be installed in every direction (inside of the stage). As an additional option FBM offers implementation of another special types
of encoder (for example: SLS/PSI). Furthermore, the manual opera tion of the stage is possible. Necessary mechanical limitations are installed.
For a complete package BPM we provide as an under frame a massiv e standard column, which we can fill with sand, too. It is possible to insulate the column against variations in temperature. Customers space conditions can be considered. In this case, the under frame will be designed accordingly.
For the analysis of the detected signals we provide the suitable electronic device LCAD 4 (four channel Low Current Asymmetry Detector). The Low Current / Voltage- Converter LCAD 4 is a useful instrument for the simultaneous determination of the four independent photocurrents between 1nA and 1mA. The beam position can be precisely obtained from the asymmetry of the
measured photocurrents. The generated currents on the blades flo w via double-screened measuring cable into the 4 channels of the LCAD 4, where they are converted into proportional voltages. All 4 measurement circuits are closed to the earth potential via a switchable BIAS- voltage (between +/-280 V - included in this device).
The manufacturer of the LCAD 4 is Messrs. GMS Frank Optic Products GmbH, Berlin. Delivery also includes the special doublescreened measurement cable (length about 20 meters).


Technische Daten:

H-, V-Stag e10/10     
Length over all   ≈ 354,4 mm
Width over all   ≈ 195 mm
Height over all   ≈ 215,5 mm … 225,5 mm
Stroke Y (horz.)   10 mm
Stroke Z (vert.)   10 mm
Repeat accuracy with Encoder (option)   ± 0,001 mm
Repeat accuracy with limit switch   ± 0,01 mm
Threaded spindle:    
-Dimension   M12x1
-Normal backlash   0,02 mm
-Pitch error   0,003 mm…0,008 mm
Stepper motor    
Company   ORIENTAL
Type   High-torque PK-type
No.   PK268-E2,0B
Holding Torque   1,35 Nm
Current per Phase   2 A
Voltage   4,5 VDC
Resitance per Phase   2,25 Ω
Angle per fullstep   1,8°
Repeat accuracy with Encoder(optional)   ± 0,001mm
Step mode   Full / half / micro
Connection motor   Connei socket 9 pin
Connection limit switch   Connei socket 12 pin
Encoder (option)    
Company   AMO
Type   PMK-02 with 1024 interpolation
Dissolution   1/1024 mm
Signal   TTL RS-422
Current   200 mA
Voltage   5 VDC ±5%
Connection   Connei plug 12 pin


Datasheet BPM_ID_Komplett_LCAD

September 8, 2022
Detektoren & Diagnostische Komponenten
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