Baffle Slits / Adjustable Apertures

Technische Beschreibung:

FMB has a long experience with building adjustable apertures and masks for synchroton sources worldwide.
FMB produces apertures for high heatload, needed in the white beam as well as for low power applications needed in the monochromatic beam.
Depending on the application and the beam power, these apertures are either cooled or uncooled and available in different size and different precision. Total power load, power density and aperture size are the main parameters defining the design of the system.
Electrical isolated blades or blades equipped with additional fluorescent material are also available.
Several support types are available, e.g. supports built from welded steel frames as well as highly stiff and rigid granite or concrete based supports.

The range of adjustable apertures and slits for synchrotron radiation made by FMB can be devided in:

  • Very space saving uncooled in-flange-systems
  • Systems with two parallel blades each controlled by one linear actuator, mounted on one common base flange
  • Systems with up to four separate blades each mounted with its own linear feedthrough on a vacuum chamber
  • Two movable masks mounted on top of two motorized transversally and vertically moving stages


Technische Daten:

Blade material    OFHC-Copper, GLIDCOP®, (other materials on request)
Maximum power   up to 15 kW (depending on design)
Maximum power density   up to 150 W/mm² (depending on design)
Blade edge length   from a few mm up to more than 100 mm
Stroke   from a few mm up to more than 100 mm
Drive   stepper motor or manually driven
Fullstep resolution   usually a few µm/full step, depending on the actuator
Encoder resolution   1 µm/count (other resolutions available on request)
Repeatability   ≤ 2 .. 20 µm (depending on design)
Vacuum compatibility   UHV (10-10 mbar)
Baking temperature   200 °C
Options and parameters Which can be selected on request:  
  • Blade material, shape and size
  • Power load and density
  • Blades electrially isolated (depending on power load)
  • Blades with fluorescent material (depending on power load)
  • Actuator stroke and resolution
  • Driven manually or by stepper motor
  • With or without encoder
  • Encoder type (incremental or absolute)
  • Support type


Datenblatt Baffle Slits / Adjustable Apertures

September 21, 2022
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